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Re: A localisation success: French po-debconf translations briefly reached a full "virtual" 100%

> > Again, please make your best for requesting translation updates on
> > debian-i18n@lists.debian.org when introducing new templates to your
> > packages or when you change some other internationalised material.
> Yo!
> Jujst wondering: hor much of this is automated, and how much do I need to do 
> manually as package maintainer?

The answer is easy : nothing..:-)

> Obviously, translation of the package itself will always be a manual task.  
> But does anything warn me (linda/lintian?) when I update debconf templates 
> and/or package descriptions and forget to post to debian-i18n? (which would 
> be: it should always warn, unless you build the AI to detect when I have 
> posted to the mailing list :-)

But how will this magic too detect that you indeed modified something
in your templates?

I'm afraid this still pertains to the maintainer non artificial

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