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A localisation success: French po-debconf translations briefly reached a full "virtual" 100%

During a whole day, between dinstall runs of Sunday Oct. 24th and
Monday Oct. 25th, all Debian packages which use debconf with gettext
support (often referred as "po-debconf") for their configuration step
had either a complete French translation or a complete translation
waiting in the Bug Tracking System.

So, as a consequence, if all the relevant bug reports would have been
magically fixed...the French team would have reached the nice 100%
translation ratio for po-debconf translations:


The "real" translation ratio was at that time 95,2% which is the
highest number reached by the team since the last "switch to
po-debconf" campaign by Martin Quinson.

The difference is made of complete translations waiting (for some, I
should maybe rather write "sleeping") bug reports.

In the same time, several translation teams continue working hard for
raising their translation ratio and remove the amount of English seen
by their users...and the installer now officially supports 40 languages.

The same teams and individuals also work hard for improving the
translation ratio of manual pages, native Debian packages (the next
dpkg will have 19 complete translations of its 1002 strings!), and
Debian web site.

All translation statistics and many more i18n information may be found
at the following URL:


Internationalisation and localisation are a key point for targeting a
wider audience than the current audience for free software. Debian
considerably improved its i18n/l10n infrastructure and compliance in
the recent years. Days of flames between maintainers and translators
are far away now and I'd like to take this opportunity for publicly
thank all package maintainers, translation teams and individuals for
their work regarding that matter.

PS: This "perfect" state lasted only for one day as 3 new packages
using po-debconf were uploaded. :-) 

Again, please make your best for requesting translation updates on
debian-i18n@lists.debian.org when introducing new templates to your
packages or when you change some other internationalised material.


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