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Re: Drop testing

Hi, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> Maybe. What is the alternative? Continue with the current method and
> release Edge... 2009 or so?

The beast will be called "Etch", not 'Edge'. Its timing, for the
most part, depends on a couple of sticklers like "multi-arch support",
"archive split" and "resolve the GFDL problem", all of which have nothing
at all to do with testing.

Besides, we'll have a bug database which tracks version numbers. This in
turn means that we have a nice distinction between bugs that are actually
RC in the "fix this if we'd want to release Etch tomorrow" sense, and bugs
that are RC in the "keep this out of testing" sense.

In other words, testing will help (even more, as IMHO it already does
this) to reduce the number of bugs we actually need to care about if we
want to release, which is a Good Thing.

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