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Ubuntu discussion at planet.debian.org


It's too bad that interesting discussions take place in blogs rather
than in Debian mailing lists, especially for those who don't blog
but would like to participate.

Scott James Remnant said something interesting about Ubuntu release
management: Ubuntu people run the distribution that gets released,
and the distribution is frozen until it's ready.

Debian developers, on the contrary, run unstable and rarely run
testing, which means that they don't really know about the shape
of what they release.
The Testing distribution helped a lot in release management,
especially for synchronizing architectures.
Some improvements have already been proposed by Eduard Bloch and
Adrian Bunk: freezing unstable while keeping testing.
Freezing unstable forces people to work on fixing bugs, and the
quicker the bugs are fixed, the quicker the distribution is
released and the quicker Debian people can start working on
on the next release.


Jérôme Marant

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