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RFC: best practice creating database


What is consideres best practice when a package uses a SQL database
(mysql, postgresql) and needs to create its own catalog and/or tables?

[ ] Disable the package until someone has manually setup the database?
[ ] Ask a lot of questions via debconf and try to setup in postconf?

I ask because bacula-director-pgsql is currently broken and I'm trying
to help the maintainer fix it. What irks me is
* need to ask for hostname of remote or local DBMS.
  * if its remote, the DBA might have to change "pg_hba.conf" by hand.
* need to ask for user/password of DBA, so new catalog can be created
  * password is cleared after use for security reason
  * will a paranoid DBA tell me his password?
* need to ask for user/password for bacula-user

If the automation fails (and it does for my setup), bacula-dir-pgsql is
left unconfigured and I have to deeply dig in its postconf script to fix
it my hand.
What I ask myself at this point, is it worth to try to automatically
setup these things at all or wouldn't it be better to just document the
needed steps and let the user do them by hand?

Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@debian.org>
 GPG/PGP: 9A540E39 @ keyrings.debian.org

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