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Re: RFC: best practice creating database

hi phillip,

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 03:38:59PM +0200, Philipp Matthias Hahn wrote:
> What is consideres best practice when a package uses a SQL database
> (mysql, postgresql) and needs to create its own catalog and/or tables?

this is a very good question, which has not been conclusively answered
and is still the subject of debate.  there have been a few threads about
it, but i don't imagine anything solid will come from them while
everyone's still focused on sarge.

> [ ] Disable the package until someone has manually setup the database?
> [ ] Ask a lot of questions via debconf and try to setup in postconf?

i'd suggest the latter if it's not too complicated.  a few things to
keep in mind though:

- ask if they want to delete the database on purge 
- make a backup of the database during upgrades, "Just In Case"
- don't store the pw in debconf, or at least ask the admin first

if you think that it would be too complicated/flaky, i'd add a debconf
note (of _low_ priority!) and put something in README.Debian.



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