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Re: possible mass bug filing: spamassassin 3

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 02:40:47PM +0200, Jesus Climent wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 02:32:09PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > 
> > If this is not solved, we really should consider to re-introduce
> > spamassassin 2 as spamassassin, and the version 3 as spamassassin3.
> Or we should not consider it.
> In such case 2.64 will become obsolete even faster than 2.20 did in woody,
> since it is obsoleted by 3.x. Having 2.64 which is only worth having for the
> bayessian methods is brainless since we have other bayesian tools for the
> trick, some of them considered even more efficient: bogofilter, dspam,
> crm114,...

Unfortunately, it is also used as the only anti-spam plugin in other 
software, such as amavis AFAIK. As pointed before anyway, releasing those
kind of tools and thinking of having them frozen for a couple of
years is a non-sense, plain and clear. The volatile archive
is having more and more sense.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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