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possible mass bug filing: spamassassin 3

Hi folks,

Spamassassin 3 is finally in unstable. Thanks to Duncan (and
possibly others involved)!

If you'd be so kind as to refer to #274993, I think we have
a problem. A number of packages (see the bug report) depend on
spamassassin, but some are not going to work with version 3, which
changed the API considerably. The example here is spamass-milter,
which simply does not work.

The submitter of the bug report suggests to add a conflict to
spamassassin. To me, this is coming at it from the wrong angle. I my
well understand this all wrong, but if SA conflicts with
spamass-milter, which is in testing, it is not going to be able to
trickle into sarge until a new spamass-milter has been uploaded and
has trickled to sarge first.

Instead, I propose that the packages depending on spamassassin
should be removed from sarge unless it is known that they work with
spamassassin 3. Then, new versions are uploaded which do either of
the following:

  a. conflict with spamassassin (>= 3)
     (I am not sure if it is better to depend on spamassassin (<< 3)

  b. provide a new version that can interface with spamassassin 3.

I really think spamassassin 3 should make it into Sarge, if at all
possible, and not be held up by depending packages which aren't up
to speed.

What do you think?

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