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Re: Mail server on alioth too restrictive?

Ludovic Rousseau wrote:
> After some tests I found the problem.
> alioth rejects mails without a Return-path: header line. I agree it is
> a normal behavior so the problem is not in Alioth mail configuration.


> I will try to patch the syncmail [1] Python script but as I don't
> know/use Python it may be difficult for me. Help accepted.
> Another option is to install cvs-mailcommit Debian package on alioth but:
> - this package is in testing/unstable and Alioth uses stable
> - the Perl source code does not contain "Return-path:" so it may not
>   solve the problem, but patching Perl is easier for me.

cvs-mailcomit uses /usr/sbin/sendmail while cvs-syncmail uses
"telnet" localhost smtp, iirc.  So switching may work.

However, I originally only wanted to note that you should be able
to install any cvs helper script in the system, e.g. in the CVSROOT
directory, and call that one instead of the system provided one.

However, if cvs-syncmail is *the* system provided solution and it
doesn't work, then it sounds like a bug.  This one's  actually one
that should be easy to solve.  You'd have to open a bug on the
Alioth request tracker, though.



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