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Re: Noteedit, Finale, and testing

* Martin Schulze:

> It may be worth submitting Noteedit to Sourceforge or Savannah, assuming
> it is free.  It needs an announcement, of course.  That way the software
> could be contiued and a community of developers could take over development.
> Not sure if Finale will be Free Software, once it is ported to GNU/Linux,
> so noteedit may still have a reason to be improved.

Almost certainly, Finale will not be Free Software (and I personally
wouldn't count on it being ported, either).

The strongest contender of noteedit is Rosegarden version 4.  It's
quite different from previous versions, and it looks promising.  Maybe
it's easier to add the missing features to Rosegarden, instead of
continuing both projects.

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