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Re: Fresh installation: Keymap broken under X

(Joeyh, Kostas, Branden keyboard issues with X when using non-US
keyboard...see -devel and bugs 238778 239827 242321 242605)

> Confuse? This renders the system almost unusable until you fix it by
> hand. When we have an installer which has become quite usable by non-
> techies, such a bug is a giant leap backwards.

Well, don't try convincing me...rather convince the X team to raise
the priority of the keyboard question (that's a possibility)...or the
D-i team to make an exception and use localization-config though it is
a very recent package.

Plans for synchronizing keyboard settings for X and console are
post-sarge...so only workarounds are possible for sarge:

-localization-config installed for all non-US installs
-X keyboard config question priority raised

BTW, I'm not completely sure this is a backward leap : I don't
remember whether a scratch woody install with X in frnech with a
french keyboard ends up with a french X keyboard....

Both possible solutions have strong potential drawbacks : such drastic
last minute change are obvioulsy risky...

(the debconf priority is not a drastic change...but that would mean a
new upload of the X packages which is certainly not trivial)

A few translators have raised this problem for a while but we probably
didn't make enough noise about it. Most are also culprit because using
US keyboard : using local keyboard is not geeky enough...:-) (french
ppl are very good at this)

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