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Fresh installation: Keymap broken under X


I installed a new Laptop with the daily build Sarge CDs from 24.8.2004 and
I was very impressed.  X worked fine (including 3D), sound was OK.  It was
a really big difference to my latest Laptop install.  Kudos to all the
installer people!!

On the other hand one boring problem remained which is not really Debian
installer related but people will face it after installation and upgrade to
latest Sarge I decided to post it to debian-devel instead of filing
a bug against installer: The keymap just vanished and you have an English keyboard
under X.  Strangely enough the (in my case) German keyboard works on console.

I tried:

# dpkg-reconfigure console-common
Looking for keymap to install:
null symbol found
null symbol found
null symbol found

When I asked Google I only found a German page (well - English speaking people
do surely not have this problem):


They faced the same problem but not after a fresh install but after an upgrade.
The final solution there was:

   1. dpkg-reconfigure locales
         -> was fine
   2. dpkg-reconfigure console-data
         -> helped to solve the problem described above
   3. dpkg-reconfigure console-common
      sounded promissing with

          Looking for keymap to install:
          Loading /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz

      ... as I said - the keymap is fine at console ...
   4. dpkg-reconfigure console-tools
   5. login again

This leaded to the final result for the people who discussed the problem - but
not for me.  So the question is: What caused the removal of the keymap and
how to solve this cleanly.

Kind regards


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