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Re: Fresh installation: Keymap broken under X

> On the other hand one boring problem remained which is not really Debian
> installer related but people will face it after installation and upgrade to
> latest Sarge I decided to post it to debian-devel instead of filing
> a bug against installer: The keymap just vanished and you have an English 
> keyboard
> under X.  Strangely enough the (in my case) German keyboard works on 
> console.

Debian Installer currently does not configure the keyboard for X

X debconf templates ask for this but at medium priority....which means
that users installing at default priority will miss the question.

This leads to what you found and which is a very well known (by both
D-I team and X team) problem.

A solution lies in Konstantinos localization-config package which
could preseed X debconf entries based on the locale. See threads about
this in -boot or -i18n

However, this (forcing localization-config to be installed and run)
would require changes to base-config, which is currently frozen. I
guess the D-I team will discuss this very soon. This is a somewhat
risky change at a time we're very close to have a stable installer.

But, we will both agree that the behaviour you got will be confusing
to all users with non US keyboards.....:-(

The things you tried with locales and console-data cannot solve
this. Keyboard handling with the console and with X are completely
different things....

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