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Re: Fresh installation: Keymap broken under X

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, Christian Perrier wrote:

Debian Installer currently does not configure the keyboard for X
Yes, that's why I did not filed a bug against this package.

X debconf templates ask for this but at medium priority....which means
that users installing at default priority will miss the question.
Well, this is what I tried to verify the install process.

A solution lies in Konstantinos localization-config package which
could preseed X debconf entries based on the locale. See threads about
this in -boot or -i18n
I tested this package but it did not changed anything.  I tried

   update-locale-config de_DE@euro

and dpkg-reconfigured xserver-xfree86 but the created config file
did not change at all (and nothing else).

But, we will both agree that the behaviour you got will be confusing
to all users with non US keyboards.....:-(
... which makes this problem release critical, IMHO.

The things you tried with locales and console-data cannot solve
this. Keyboard handling with the console and with X are completely
different things....
This is what I thought - but the URL I mentioned proposed to do so
and it helped other people (perhaps caused by some correlation to
other problems).

Kind regards


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