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Re: Architecture independent binaries and building from source

On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 02:14:27PM -0400, Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, sean finney said:
> > just to add my $0.02,
> > 
> > On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 08:58:37AM -0700, Shaun Jackman wrote:
> That doesn't mean they're all sensible.  ISTR a debate about python, at
> least, and the compiling of modules at install time.
If I understand correctly, this allows more architecture independence;
python _source_ is distributed by debian, and is compiled at install
time for the particular runtime architecture.  That way python stuff can
be Architecture: All, rather than Architecture: Any, which saves a
factor of 10 on the mirrors for that package.

Please correct me; I'm not a python person, but I do have to fix
lintian's complaints about .pyc bytecode files in one of my packages ..


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