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Re: Architecture independent binaries and building from source


you wrote:
> If rebuilding a platform independent binary from source is a policy
> requirement, I'd appreciate a pointer to the relevant text.

I addition to Adam Majers summary, some more points:

>From the Policy:

2.1. The Debian Free Software Guidelines:
     Source Code
          The program must include source code, and must allow distribution
          in source code as well as compiled form.

"source code as well as compiled form" shouldn't mean: "Possibly source
code form, but in this case you also need the binaries at first."

4.8. Main building script: `debian/rules'
     This file must be an executable makefile, and contains the
     package-specific recipes for compiling the package and building binary
     package(s) from the source.

It is not explicitly stated if the latter means "source package" or
"source code" (point for clarification in Policy?), but since it talks
about "source package" at other places, this could be a piece of
circumstantial evidence that "source code" is meant.

Also consider the hassles we come into when we need to patch upstream
sources; and reliably and automatically checking if packages build from


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