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Re: libtiff status: only 21 to go

Hello Justin,

* Justin Pryzby <justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net> [2004-08-05 11:22]:
> Hi again, found your problem.
> util.c:fsize() has static char result[20];, which it returns.  It appears that
> this used to be dynamically allocated - note the indentation.
> gtksee.c:file_selected_internal calls fsize() and saves the result to
> gchar *text.  Then it sprintf's it, and calls g_free(text);
> It should suffice to remove that call to g_free(text) (line 332 in the
> upstream source).

thanks very much for your time and you engagement, i think the new
gtksee package will be up in the next days.
regards nico
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