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Re: libtiff status: only 21 to go

Hello Jay,

* Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org> [2004-08-05 01:31]:
> Not counting gtksee, which I already know is being handled, there are
> only 21 packages left that still have open tiff-related RC bugs filed
> against them.  Of these, only one package (epplets) is being blocked
> by only one other package (enlightenment).  The 21 remaining packages
> are:

gtksee is ready with new libtiff, but there is one upstream error.
you get a free() warning in the command line by using gtksee and because
of this me and my sponsor decided not uploading this package now.
i contacted the upstream, but can last 2 weeks for an answer.

if somebody has the knowledge and time it would be kind if someone looks
and the source and help me fixing it so that we can upload the package.
you find it here: http://nico.f-451.net/debian/gtksee
Nico Golde - 310777820@ICQ
nico@ngolde.de | nion@gmx.net | http://www.ngolde.de
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