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Re: PROPOSAL: Communication to solve the dispute. (was: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64)

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 09:43:57PM +0200, Joerg Wendland wrote:
> Robert Millan, on 2004-07-28, 19:00, you wrote:
> > I propose an amendment to this GR proposal. The text is completely replaced
> > by:
> [...]
> Yea, let the project resolve that its members should talk with each
> other, actually the best idea since that amd64 rant started ;-).
> >  - We're facing a communication problem, so the solution is to ease
> >    communication between the affected parties.
> This is paradox.  You cannot dispose of a communication problem by
> voting for a resolution that states you are having a communication 
> problem.  Additionally, the communication problem only exists between
> few individuals not in The Project.

Your first sentence is true, but the communication problem is much more
than you state. Between Feb 25 - Jul 27 no new maintainers were being
processed by the DAM yet there was no announcement as to why. Was this
caused by the "few individuals not in The Project"? There has also
been an open bug requesting amd64 be added to the archive since May 8
2004 with no response from ftpmaster.  Also, the question I sent to
ftpmaster on June 18 about amd64 was on request of the DPL since he did
not know the answers himself. It was a polite message and yet ftpmaster
never responded to it. Since I did not cc: any lists my message when
originally sent I will include it below.



Subject: Addition of Debian AMD64 Port to the Debian archive

I would like to know on behalf of the Debian AMD64 port team when we can
expect for the Debian AMD64 port to be added to the Debian archive. The
Debian AMD64 port is already above 97% compiled which is better than
half of the archs currently in the archive. It also has a working
debian-installer that many people have so far used to install the port
with. Several of the other official archs have yet to finish their
installer as well. We believe that the AMD64 port is ready to be
released with Sarge. Although we do still need a few packages to be
patched, many of the remaining maintainers have stated they would correct
their packages once AMD64 port became official. We believe we can get
the remaining packages corrected within a short amount of time since we
have already produced patches for them, so this would not delay the
Sarge release.


Chris Cheney
Debian AMD64 Port Team


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