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Anybody using 'motion' who wants to sponsor uploads?

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already tried Request For Sponsor on debian-mentors without much luck. I 
ITA'ed the package a while ago as it was orphaned.

I have done a fair amount of work[1] on the package to improve the 
quality of it, since it was in rather bad shape when I adopted it. I 
welcome any criticism/suggestions.

  * New upstream release.
  * New maintainer. Package was orphaned (Closes: #254336).
  * Remove mentioning of included ffmpeg in README.Debian.
  * Remove out-of-date debian/TODO file.
  * Update debian/control file to reflect new maintainership.
  * Update package description in debian/control.
  * Remove tar from Build-Depends, since it is already build-essential.
  * Add CREDITS to debian/docs.
  * Add extra documentation files (listed in debian/motion.docs).
  * Add example config files (listed in debian/motion.examples).
  * Add manpage for motion-control binary.
  * Update debian/rules (working from a much more recent template).
  * Use /etc/motion (instead of /etc) af sysconfdir.
  * Add use of gettext-based debconf templates.
  * Add debconf to Depends in debian/control.
  * Add po-debconf to Build-Depends in debian/control.
  * Add /etc/motion/motion.conf to debian/motion.conffiles.
  * Edit Makefile.in to make files install into their correct locations.
  * Edit configure/configure.in to avoid use of rpath.

Package is lintian clean and builds in a pbuilder chroot environment.
Package available at http://www.cs.auc.dk/~frda/debian/motion/

Best regards,
- -- 
Frederik Dannemare | mailto:frederik@dannemare.net
GnuPG key: search for 'dannemare' on http://pgpkeys.mit.edu
Key fingerprint: BB7B 078A 0DBF 7663 180A  F84A 2D25 FAD5 9C4E B5A8
http://frederik.dannemare.net | http://www.linuxworlddomination.dk
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