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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> Moin Thomas!
> Thomas Bushnell, BSG schrieb am Sonntag, den 25. Juli 2004:
>> > Yes, very reasonable. So (after asking the DPL and him rejecting) the
>> > GR should be amended to "The Debian developers overturn the decision
>> > of the DPL not to set a deadline for deciding the amd64 inclusion in
>> > sid for ftp-master"?
>> No.  Ask the DPL, and then make your future actions depend on what he
>> says.  It is not helpful to decide that if you don't get you're way,
>> you are sure to stamp your foot.

Agreement to set a timeline or convincing arguments would of course
null that. Man, think please.

> *cough* are you beeing serious? All the time in the last 10 days I have
> not seen any concrete and constructive posting from our DPL. Maybe it is
> just me but I do not see any word about _how_ he would solve the
> _current_ problems. There is only random blah, blah around the
> decissions that should be made but nothing about "future actions".

Maybe thats because I'm laaging a week behind due to dsl problems. But
the DPL has written 2 mails to this. One a while back (more than this
week) and one I saw this morning (so from the last 7 days).

He is working on it and talking with some people. Only one not showing
any action is James, who promised to write back the issues ftp-master

>> You should allow the possibility that the DPL will convince you, and
>> not make the enterprise of discussion a fruitless exercise.
>> Stop the GR, and don't bring another one until it's ready.
> The DPL should say how he plans to proceed. That is all. I do not have
> time to read the same speculations again and again. There is no
> constructive information coming either from the FTP master nor from the
> DPL (only "shut up" or "hard decissions, only perfect volunteers are
> capable which will appear just so"). Sorry, we cannot proceed on such
> conditions, we need a clear way to go. And this GR is a real attempt to
> define the direction.
> If you do not agree, convince me. Or make the DPL convince me and
> others. Currently, this discussion is nothing but vapor.
> Regards,
> Eduard.
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