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Re: amd64 and sarge

On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 08:59:37AM +0200, Xavier Roche wrote:
> > As is abundantly clear Debian will not be supporting 32/64 until Sarge+1
> > so this isn't really up for discussion.
> I fully agree. But the question is: when will we release r1 (and possibly r2 if we migrate to "stable amd64" in r1 and "stable multiarch amd64" in r2) ? Biarch was maybe simpler (or maybe not).

This is not going to happen, I am not sure why people still seem to
think this actually possible. As I understand it the stable RM has
already ruled against this anyway, not that it would be pratical in any
case. Sarge aka Debian 3.1 will not change in any noticable way between
3.1r0 3.1r1 etc... The rX is for security updates.

> > I have personally ran Linux servers for years at work and never needed any
> > commercial software to do it.
> Again, administrators are generally reluctant to migrate to a full 64-bit arch in one step. But in other hand I suppose it's okay to wait for r1 (or r2). The main question is will r2 show up in less than 2 years ?

People are currently hoping that Sarge+1 will release within a year of
Sarge release. It remains to be seen if Debian can release that fast. It
has in the past but it had much fewer packages.


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