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Re: amd64 and sarge

#include <hallo.h>
* Philip Charles [Tue, Jul 27 2004, 08:20:45PM]:

> Admins are not the only people interested in 64-bit.
> Why not release r1 (r2, rx) when amd64 is ready?  Whould it realy matter
> if there were minimal changes in the other archs provided that amd64 was
> released asap?

Because it is again our current policy and so it will be refused by the
Stable RM. Just face it: we have catched ourself into conflicting
decissions - when we release Sarge, people will start moving to
Multiarch and castrate the pool for well known reasons ("editorial
changes", you know). So a quick release of Sarge+1 is a warm hope, not
more. So the last chance to add amd64 for a larger period is
_now_, before the Sarge release happens.

Honestly, I think that if we keep the "usual tactics" of declaring
everything suspicous as RC and waiting-waiting-waiting-(did I already
say waiting?)-for-somebody-to-do-something, we will not release any
amd64 at all, not this year.

The Great Maker has gifted us with great big eyes, and great big
scanners, and great big ah ... well that is no concern of yours.
(Londo Mollari, Babylon 5)

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