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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

Quoting Frank Küster (frank@debian.org):

> Microsoft. The question is, of course, whether we limit our target
> audience too much if we restrict it to people that feel part of the Free
> Software Community. At least for interactions with users we shouldn't

I think that, yes, we limit the audience too much when restricting to
people that feel part of the FS community.

Custom Debian Distributions come to my mind and more generally world
domination plans....:-)

But this does not force us to use "Sie/vous" in our mailing lists/geek
events and so on, of course. I would never say "Ich danke Sie" to a
fellow german DD, of course..even not to a swiss DD...(<huge grin>)

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