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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

Christian Perrier schrieb:
[ACK to most]
I have never ever seen any MS Windows screen use the 2nd singular
person when translating "you blahblah".....never.

Ok, starting VMware and WinXP (DE):
Login Screen:
Klicken _Sie_ auf _Ihren_ Benutzernamen,
um sich anzumelden.
[EN:~ Klick on your username to login.]
Geben _Sie_ _Ihr_ Kennwort ein.
[EN:~ Enter your password.]

Thus, current WinXP (DE) uses second person in the polite form. And it is written with beginning capital letter, which is only usual in formal Letters, and would be a little bit old fashioned in email.

Do the same in an commercial Linux distri, Suse 9.0:
It's similar - "Sie".

I'm pretty this is exactly the same for German, Italian and all other
languages which have this dual way to address people when talking to
them (bu the way, this is actually a daily problem in normal life :
should I say "tu" or "vous" to this guy ?)

In DE/AT there are rules with exceptions, e.g.:
- in sports you say "Du", but not in Golf
- in Tyrol (a region of Austria) they say "Du" to everybody
- also used between students, artists, bikers, in disco, internet
- top level politicians _must_ use "Du", also in official letters

And, also, sometimes learning lessons from MS Windows is not that
bad. The French team sometimes refers to MS Windows ways to translate
things. And this ends up in not that bad work....:)

I agree, but the disadvantages of Win should be avoided.

The aim of my discussion here is, to get a feeling about debian-devel.
Hopefully I can start in a few weeks with a systematic review of texts, messages and docu of the debian specific packages like d-i, debconf etc.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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