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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

* Mattias Wadenstein (maswan@acc.umu.se) wrote:
> As a data point to this, I have successfully run the Portland Group
> compiler on debian-amd64 [pure64] producing non-trivial programs
> with both fortran77, fortran95, C, and C++ (spec cpu2000, which also
> checks that the programs produce the correct result).
> The install procedure grumbles a bit, but no deep magic is needed to
> make it work. I have not tested more software, but this indicates that
> the "pure64" effort is not useless for commercial software.

Wow, very cool!  I hadn't heard of a successful test yet (didn't know
anyone who had access to commercial software that's shipping for amd64).
Awesome, many thanks for testing. :)


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