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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 10:28:51AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Chris Cheney wrote:
> > I have not heard of any compatibility issues, there is a lib64 dir just
> > as there is on the other distributions. It just happens to be a symlink.
> > Also, Multiarch is expected to be adopted by FHS/LSB and makes the
> > current distributions obsolete wrt their library placement in any case.
> > And since when is compatibility with other dists more important that
> > having support for an arch at all?  How is not being compatible with
> It has always been an issue.  Since AMD64 will probably be adopted
> commercially, there will be third party applications, that will only
> run on other distributions and not on Debian, which would make the
> Debian port pretty useless if you want to run only one other third
> party application which was compiled for another distribution.

As a data point to this, I have successfully run the Portland Group
compiler on debian-amd64 [pure64] producing non-trivial programs
with both fortran77, fortran95, C, and C++ (spec cpu2000, which also
checks that the programs produce the correct result).

The install procedure grumbles a bit, but no deep magic is needed to
make it work. I have not tested more software, but this indicates that
the "pure64" effort is not useless for commercial software.

In the long run we are talking about multiarch, but that does not remove
the need for an amd64 port, rather those changes to the source packages
(and policy) will make it possible to have packages installed from the
two ports debian-i386 and debian-amd64.

/Mattias Wadenstein

PS. Please Cc: me on mail to debian-devel

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