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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

Chris Cheney wrote:
> We are proud to announce the Debian AMD64 port is ready for inclusion in

I've heard that there were two ports, a pure and a mixed one.  So,
which one is yours and how can it be "the" Debian AMD64 port?

> Sid. The port is currently at 97% compiled with most of the remaining
> packages having FTBFS RC bugs filed for unrelated reasons. We have also
> finished debian-installer for the AMD64 port and generate daily builds.
> All that still remains to be done is for dpkg to include the amd64
> patch, for archive space be given to the port, and for an official
> buildd to be setup.

I also thought that the pure AMD64 port is technically ok, but
worthless from a usability point of view since it is not compatible
with AMD64 ports of other distributions.  If that's the case indeed,
and if you are talking about the pure amd64 port, I don't believe
Debian should include it in sid.



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