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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) wrote:
> It has always been an issue.  Since AMD64 will probably be adopted
> commercially, there will be third party applications, that will only
> run on other distributions and not on Debian, which would make the
> Debian port pretty useless if you want to run only one other third
> party application which was compiled for another distribution.

Have you actually tried running a 64bit application from another
distribution on pure64?  Do you have a specific technical reason why it
wouldn't work?  I don't.  I'd love to hear of any that exist.  32bit
applications won't work on pure64, but you could install i386 on an
amd64 system and use those 32bit applications there if you want.  The
only place I'm aware of a possible compatibility problem is if you want
to install a third party application that has both 32bit and 64bit
applications in it and you want to use them both at the same time and
under the same system.  That seems like it'd be a pretty small number of
cases.  Oracle, for example, has seperate CDs for their 64bit version
from their 32bit one (at least on Solaris).


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