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Re: [Fwd: New Bitstream technology comes to Linux and Desktop/LX]

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, David Palmer wrote:

> This is a newsletter from the Lycoris Linux commercial distribution,
> concerning something new in font/font management.
> I'm not aware of the licencing details (I would be very surprised if it
> could be classified as 'free'). Point the first.

It's not remotely free.  (Though Bitstream have made the
specification for the underlying formats open so at the very least a free
as in beer clone could be made.  Perhaps free as in speech.  I looked
at the licenses a long time ago.)

> Point the second: There seems to be an ever accelerating interest in the
> proprietary section toward incorporating free/open source software into
> "hybrid" environments. This has a double implication for me - (1)
> Proprietary vendors wanting to incorporate FOSS to extend and enhance
> marketability of their product/s. (2) The possibility of proprietary
> interests incorporating FOSS into their productline,

Nothing wrong with that.

> and then by way of
> this assuming a legal posture in the possession aspect.

How could they?  By using GPL licensed products they have agreed not to do

> Point the third: Lycoris is based on a Caldera base, and I'm not sure
> how this would stand with the SCO situation.

Again I don't see how it could.

> But it looks good, as all dangerous toys do, so I thought that it might
> be of interest anyway.
> Regards,

Meh.  Maybe some font fetishists will be interested in this but I can't
see 99.9% of Linux users caring.  Certainly not enough to switch
distributions for it. Freetype2 with proper tweaking gives excellent
quality fonts.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
La Salle Debain - http://www.braincells.com/debian/

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