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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 07:04:09PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, John Goerzen wrote:
> > Let's be careful how we word this, please.  Don't tie the admins' hands
> > in the event that something catastrophic happens to SBL/XBL or it ceases
> > being a useful tool.
> Considering that the real catastrophe is the current level of spam, I
> don't think we could agree on what exactly a catastrophe is.
> How about this?
> Proposal 1:
> * All machines which are MX for the debian.org domain MUST reject
> messages coming from IPs in the xbl.spamhaus.org DNSBL.

What if spamhaus goes the way of one or more previous DNSBLs and goes out of
business by placing all IP addresses on it's list?  We'd need to draft, vote
on, and pass another GR in order to countermand the first.  Since we'd have
no way of doing that, as the Debian e-mail infrastructure would be totally
dead in the water, I think that your proposal, as written, is absolutely

- Matt

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