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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Mathieu Roy wrote:

> Spam filtering does noticeably stop spam but unfortunately still not
> enough - and it is not free, it suck mail server resources. What could
> be best than avoiding the  spammer to get the addresses, can you tell
> me?

Spam filtering does *not* stop spam, it just makes a little bit easier
to recognize it after you received it. To actually stop spam, you have to
REJECT it at SMTP stage. At the very minimum, you should reject
messages coming from open proxies.

BTW: We have to be really stupid to accept messages from open proxies
ourselves at the debian.org domain. Would anyone second a General Resolution
mandating the use of xbl.spamhaus.org in all MXs for debian.org? I certainly
didn't become a debian maintainer to receive, handle and delete 2600 junk
messages a month (which is what I received in May).

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