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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

On Mon, 07 Jun 2004, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Considering that the real catastrophe is the current level of spam, I
> don't think we could agree on what exactly a catastrophe is.
> How about this?

Is there any particular reason why people who want this level of
draconian spam protection on their own configure their MTAs and/or
MUAs to incorporate this level of spam termination?

I see no reason why the debian administrators should waste their time
with these solutions when the end recipients should be quite capable
of setting up their system with exactly the spam strictness that is
appropriate for them.[1] It's not like there is some information that
the Debian MX's have that isn't available to every recipient of list
or forwarded mail.

Don Armstrong

1: If the recipients are not capable of doing this, then we've got
larger problems than mere spam.
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