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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

Am 2004-06-07 10:21:10, schrieb Don Armstrong:

>Is there any particular reason why people who want this level of
>draconian spam protection on their own configure their MTAs and/or
>MUAs to incorporate this level of spam termination?

Yes, because Debian must distribute the SPAM...
Blocking it can increase the quality of the mailinglist.

>I see no reason why the debian administrators should waste their time
>with these solutions when the end recipients should be quite capable
>of setting up their system with exactly the spam strictness that is
>appropriate for them.[1] It's not like there is some information that
>the Debian MX's have that isn't available to every recipient of list
>or forwarded mail.

Which mean, that some thousand subscribers must filter the 
"Powerful weightloss now availlable for you." 

I have gotten this Message 40 times... (all from Debian-Mailinglists)
which mean, 160 KBytes... But curently I get some hundred SPAM per day !

>Don Armstrong


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