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Re: Don't understand the trouble with firmware !

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 12:21, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> That's great in theory. But, please explain how the poor John Newbie could 
> install debian without a cdrom, a floppy (we have not a non-free edition 
> of the installation media indeed) and using an unsupported on-board tg3 eth 
> on his new great PC. Or explain why a company should prefer a truly free distro 
> which is a pain to install on its new HP servers.

We don't have a non-free edition, no.  But nothing stops someone from
making one and putting it in non-free, should the hypothetical situation
you envision ever arise.
> IMHO that's only a way to loose users, not to spread freelosophy.
> That's a way to encourage the creation of Debian derivative-distros 
> and unofficial media.

And who would be encouraging that?  Debian?  I think you are pointing
fingers at the wrong culprit.  The villain here is the vendor, not

synrg at debian dot org

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