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Don't understand the trouble with firmware !


Now I am reading since some month discusions about "closed source 
firmware" in "Debian/main"...

I am thinking, this discusions which exceeds more then 8000 (!!!) 
Messages already is for nothing!

Puting firmware in in "contrib" or "non-free" IS the only solution. 

I do not understand why some people make Debian responsable for the 
distribution of "closed source firmware"...

For example I have hardware which does not work in Win2000 or WinXP...

So I need to download THE "firmware" from the manufacturs web site. 

So if anyone use hardware and must download the "closed source 
firmware" from the manufacturs website to get it running under M$ 
Windows why not the same way under Debian ?

For example:	Thomson/Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB...

There is a package "speedtouch" and I have this USB-ADSL-Modem... 
So I had to download the mgmt.o from the Alcatel web-site.

I think, there is realy no problem to put closed-source firmware in 
"non-free" but make it easy to get the firmware downloaded (with wget) 
if we can not distribute it with Debian (like the mgmt.o)

Greetings and happy coding

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