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Re: debian open source study

martin f krafft wrote:

also sprach Peter Weishapl <petw@gmx.net> [2004.05.23.1759 +0200]:
of course we will publish the results under any license you like.
but please keep in mind that we are only in the 2nd term and the
primary goal for us is to learn and so the benefit will be
appropriate (beside the study results will be published in german
language). I hope you're still interested :)

Considering you are at University, it would not only be good
practice to write the report in English. You will also reach a wider
audience, English just happens to be the global exchange language.

So, rather than translating the comments you'll get from us to
German, why not write the whole thing in English. You're allowed to
do that at any EU university, as far as I know.
I wasn't aware of that.
Excellent idea.


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