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Re: debian open source study

Peter Weishapl wrote:
> We are a group of Software Developers (commercial, not open source), 
> additionally studying Communication Sciences at the University of 
> Vienna (Austria) and want to make a small (we are in the 2nd term) 
> qualitative study about Debian Open Source Developers and their 
> motivations. We are planning to build a forum and like to discuss and 
> find out about the motivations of becoming an Open Source Developer. 
> Our project has not started yet, but we have to pretest our plan, thus 
> we need to find out if anyone and how many of you would be willing to 
> make a little contribution in our future discussion forum and help us 
> finish our small project. We hope that at least a few of you are 
> willing or even interested in discussing  - it's not really a hell of 
> work to do for you and any contribution would be appreciated.

It's probably more helpful for both you and us if you would

 a) have your end ready (i.e. forum, mailing-lists, questions, catalog etc.)


 b) ensure that the results will be published under a DFSG compliant
    (equals to OSD v1.0) license so that we and the public can benefit
    from your study as well.



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