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Re: Kernel Image 2.6.6 SE/Linux i386 .deb available for experimentation

On Thu, 20 May 2004 03:37, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net> wrote:
> for those people who want to play with SE/Linux i have recently
> created some .debs using russell coker and dan walsh's debian
> maintenance scripts - unmodified [same revision numbers and
> dependencies].

Dan Walsh has not written anything related to Debian.

> at the following URL, http://hands.com/~lkcl/selinux, you will find:
> - kernel image 2.6.6 / selinux / i386

Thanks, this is a good thing to have.

> - libselinux1, and -dev
> - selinux utils, policy and checkpolicy

These are either the same versions or older versions than those which are 
currently in unstable.  Are you compiling for stable or unstable?  If 
compiling for stable then it would be best to make sure you have the latest 
versions, if for unstable then it would be best to skip these altogether as I 
am managing them.

> you will find that i have NOT updated any revision numbers; nor

This is not a good idea.  When someone files a bug report we won't know who's 
version they have a problem with.

Packaging kdm is good, but again a different version number is needed to avoid 
confusion (put "lkcl" somewhere in the version field so people will know 
where it came from).

The next thing to do is to get things tested more so that they can be accepted 
into the main packages.

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