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Kernel Image 2.6.6 SE/Linux i386 .deb available for experimentation


for those people who want to play with SE/Linux i have recently
created some .debs using russell coker and dan walsh's debian
maintenance scripts - unmodified [same revision numbers and

at the following URL, http://hands.com/~lkcl/selinux, you will find:

- kernel image 2.6.6 / selinux / i386
- libselinux1, and -dev
- selinux utils, policy and checkpolicy
- kdm 3.2.2 patched (in the same way that wdm and gdm have been)

all people using these .debs are entirely responsible for their own
decisions, as _everyone_ is (even when they believe they're not).

you will find that i have NOT updated any revision numbers; nor
have i modified in the case of the kdm 3.2.2 the name of the
package: i forgot, and i cannot face another 2 hour rebuild
esp. when my laptop's hard drive appears to be dying.

the sole reason why these .debs are there is because
i believe that some venturous people might want to try
SELinux from the latest cvs (as of May 17th 2004) off of
http://sf.net/projects/selinux, but wouldn't necessarily want
to go to all the trouble of doing their own build.

remember to follow the instructions that can be found at
http://selinux.lemuria.org (the 2.6 instructions).

you WILL need to install the replacement coreutils, logrotate,
cron, dpkg, pam, login etc. because these packages have been
modified to "track" to the correct security contexts as
cron jobs, logrotations and logins occur.

you CAN get away with just installing libselinux1 and
a 2.6.6 selinux kernel, and expect there to be no difference
in your machine, as long as you don't put "selinux=1" on
the kernel boot params :) :)

if you use gdm, do an apt-get update (on debian/unstable)
because gdm already supports SELinux - as of very recently.


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