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Re: Kernel Image 2.6.6 SE/Linux i386 .deb available for experimentation

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 04:36:46AM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Thu, 20 May 2004 03:37, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net> wrote:
> > for those people who want to play with SE/Linux i have recently
> > created some .debs using russell coker and dan walsh's debian
> > maintenance scripts - unmodified [same revision numbers and
> > dependencies].
> Dan Walsh has not written anything related to Debian.
> > at the following URL, http://hands.com/~lkcl/selinux, you will find:
> >
> > - kernel image 2.6.6 / selinux / i386
> Thanks, this is a good thing to have.
> > - libselinux1, and -dev
> > - selinux utils, policy and checkpolicy
> These are either the same versions or older versions than those which are 
> currently in unstable.  

 same version numbers, but direct out of cvs as of may 18.

> Are you compiling for stable or unstable?  If 


> compiling for stable then it would be best to make sure you have the latest 
> versions, if for unstable then it would be best to skip these altogether as I 
> am managing them.


> > you will find that i have NOT updated any revision numbers; nor
> This is not a good idea.  When someone files a bug report we won't know who's 
> version they have a problem with.
> Packaging kdm is good, but again a different version number is needed to avoid 
> confusion (put "lkcl" somewhere in the version field so people will know 
> where it came from).

 on the next build :)

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