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Commercial Debian based distro

Hi all,

This isn't a strictly development related post, but I'm not entirely certain were else to send it:

My company, New Mexico Software, Inc. is a long time user of Debian as both desktop and server in our products and hosting operations. Over the course of this use we have developed an in-house desktop distribution based on Debian and we are considering bringing it to market as a commerical offering (By way of support and integration).

It is based on Debian unstable, with a custom installer and run-time hardware autodetection for sound, input, network, disk & X drivers that we've developed (basically you can install the os on any common x86 machine with 2 key presses after booting from the cd, and be up and running in X with networking and sound). It also has a a slightly patched gnome 2.6 with a default panel layout more closely resembling windows 2000 as our target market is largely Windows migrants.

As the vast majority of the ground work for this is layed by Debian's developers, it's users and the free software community at large, we want to make sure we do the right thing from the beginning.

First of all, what can we do to aide and compensate Debian, beyond offering and donating development time, hardware, and distribution mirrors to the project?

Secondly, As we want to not only give credit where credit is due, but publicise Debian and SPI as the basis for our products existence, is there an approval process for including debian logos and trademarks on commerical box art, advertising materials, and documentation or is simply abiding by the trademarks and license details sufficient?

details about our company are available at http://www.nmxs.com/

Thanks in advance,

Cody Pisto <cpisto@nmxs.com>

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