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Re: Commercial Debian based distro

* Cody Pisto <cpisto@nmxs.com> [2004-05-18 12:53]:
> First of all, what can we do to aide and compensate Debian, beyond
> offering and donating development time, hardware, and distribution
> mirrors to the project?

I think what we would appreciate most is to benefit from your
development activities.  If you've fixed any bugs while preparing your
release or implemented new features, please file bug reports (together
with patches) in our Bug Tracking System.  Since you've taken unstable
and stabilized it, I'd imagine that you have some fixes to offer.
Also, is your system LSB compliant?  unstable has currently some
outstanding issues, so if you're done work on this area, then we'd
certainly appreciate feedback and patches.

> Secondly, As we want to not only give credit where credit is due,
> but publicise Debian and SPI as the basis for our products
> existence, is there an approval process for including debian logos
> and trademarks on commerical box art, advertising materials, and
> documentation or is simply abiding by the trademarks and license
> details sufficient?

You can use the "Open Use" logo pretty freely for this, and use the
Debian name as long as you don't say that you're the "official Debian"
distribution - saying that your system is based on Debian is perfectly
fine and encouraged.  See http://www.debian.org/logos/ for information
on the logo.

Martin Michlmayr

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