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providing non-file data in a debian package


the subject may be misleading, but I do not kow how to express the
problem in a single line:

I want to build a Debian package with a kernel image for a specific
hardware (it is not intended to be uploaded to the official Debian
archive). The image shall be copied with dd to a partition on a CF card,
the partition does not contain a file system. Space is a crucial
ressource on that hardware, so the image file should not stay on the
file system (which is on another partition of the same CF card).

What is the best approach to do this? The file has to be part of the
package, but should be deleted just after the dd. My idea is to package
it as /tmp/zImage ( /tmp/ is on a ram disk, and there should be enough

Is there a better way? Are there problems to be expected by putting it
on /tmp, and deleting it just after the install in postinst?


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