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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

* Carlos Perelló Marín:

> El mar, 11-05-2004 a las 22:43, +0200, Florian Weimer escribió:
>> * Carlos Perelló Marín:
>> > The problem is that we don't have a "decent ISP" in Spain.
>> You haven't got any local, small ISPs with responsible admins?  That's
>> tough.  It's hard to believe, too.
> You have any ISP you want if you go with a 56Kbps modem, or even you
> could get LMDTS link (too expensive) but if you want ADSL, you only have
> a company. Some companies start now offering its own network but I don't
> think they are available in more of a 5% of the Spanish homes. The other
> 95% of the ADSL connections are from several companies but the one who
> gives you the physical link is the same. It's called "monopoly".

We have an ADSL monopoly over here, too, but the monopolist is forced
by regulation to offer PPP or L2TP tunnels to other ISPs (think of ATM
reinvented).  Something like this seems to exist in your country as
well because several ISPs can use those ADSL lines.

Before that was common place, I got offers for IPsec or GRE tunnels
across the public Internet, based on the monopolist's IP product.
Wouldn't something like this possible in Spain, too?

The last mile carrier is not important, but it's the actual ISP that
takes care of your public IP address and the customers that are
neighboring you.

> Of course, you have alternatives like Cable modem companies but that's
> another history with its own problems.
> The fact is that because we don't have choices in Spain

Well, you do have choices.  You've already mentioned several yourself.

I'm sure that many Internet-savvy Germans think that the situation
over here is the same as in Spain--that there's an oligopoly and you
can't get affordable Internet access from responsible ISPs.  But this
isn't true.  Several ISPs offer interesting ADSL-based products (which
include IP address assignments from RIPE), but you won't see ads for
them on TV.  However, there's a drawback: you pay per megabyte, which
basically means: no P2P networks, no day-to-day tracking of sid, no
endless gaming session.

> I don't think we should be banned. They just don't care about the
> spammers, ok block the IPs where the spam comes from but please,
> leave the other IPs frees.

This doesn't scale.  If dynamic address assignment is involved, it
doesn't even work.

> BTW, this thread is going offtopic, I'm just against black lists and I
> think that closed lists like Santiago suggest is a good solution,

Maybe there's a comprimse: blacklist, but have the blacklist
overridden for subscribers.  I don't know how hard this is to
implement, though.

>> >> There is no reason to accept mail from mass-market ADSL subscribers.
>> >
>> > Why? because you say that?
>> Mass-market ADSL means lots of home users, which means unprotected
>> Windows machines, which means compromised machines, which means email
>> worms and spam, which means tons of useless email messages.
> It's easy, block the mails with those problems.

My MTA can detect most Windows worms only after receiving in the
middle of the DATA command (which is hard to avoid if you think about
it, I'm still looking for the Prophetic MTA).  For example, I lost
quite a bit of real money on Swen.A (which uses the ISP smarthost,
unlike most worms).

Current mail filters: many dial-up/DSL/cable modem hosts, and the
following domains: atlas.cz, bigpond.com, di-ve.com, hotmail.com,
jumpy.it, libero.it, netscape.net, postino.it, simplesnet.pt,
tiscali.co.uk, tiscali.cz, tiscali.it, voila.fr, yahoo.com.

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