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Re: AMD64 Port: Almost all packages are ready to be uploaded

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 02:01:20AM +0200, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> Yes of course it is beeing done today in i386, and it will be done
> with the AMD/Intel 64bit versions as well.

I think he was meaning about random non statically linked RH/SUSE rpm's
which in general wouldn't work regardless of directory layout.

> Just think of all the commercial software that is beeing packaged
> for RH/SuSE, but not Debian. Think Oracle, Sybase, SAP etc.
> Not beeing able to run things like this in the future on Debian
> will mean that I will have to migrate at least some of my machines 
> to RH/SuSE. It will also mean that Debian drops completly off the 
> slate when it comes to spec new (non-Sparc/Solaris) servers
> for quite a number of customers of mine. :-(

Which is likely to be currently the case for AMD64 anyway since Debian
has no support for it at all. Every other major dist already supports
AMD64, some for several years. If you bought an AMD64 why would you want
to run i386, otherwise you could do so and not worry about the above
problems. Indeed I think with no AMD64 support at all we are probably
losing more users than if we supported AMD64 but not be fully FHS/LSB
compliant. We are going to lose all the users who want that 20%+ speed
up in application performance that they are losing by using i386. The
people who want to run binary only stuff on AMD64 machines can always
use i386 if they need cross dist support until Debian has multiarch
support ready. If they must run AMD64 then the fact is that wouldn't
use Debian anyway since Debian is not anywhere close to having
biarch/multiarch working. Getting AMD64 into sid as it currently is and
then migrating it to multiarch when that is ready is the best current


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