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AMD64 Port: Almost all packages are ready to be uploaded

On 04-Apr-03 21:51, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 14:26 +0200, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> > Building 'build-essential' on amd64 fails because there is no
> > 'essential-packages-list-amd64'. After creating this file by
> > copying 'essential-packages-list-i386' the build was succesful.
> > 
> Actually that list shouldn't be simply copied, but generated with the
> make-esslist.sh script contained within the build-essential source
> package.
> However you're trying to fly before you've even learned to crawl, first

This was certainly true a few weeks ago. However, I think I learned to 
crawl since then. I have created a private archive with amd64 binary 
packages starting with just a minimal (debootstrap -variant=buildd)
chroot environment which I created using the 'pure64' environment 
from John Goerzen. 

During the last few weeks I compiled most of the current source packages 
from the Debian archive for amd64. 

My binary package count is now at 11189 and still rising. 

All of those packages are current 'sid' versions (as per 2004-05-07).

Bootstrapping the distribution from just a minimal buildd environment 
was difficult at first due to the many (mostly unnecessary) circular build 
dependencies. When these circular dependency problems were solved, 
most packages compiled cleanly without any changes. I did not use 
anything beyond my initial buildd environment and the Debian source 
packages to create my archive, i.e. I compiled all the packages myself 
and did not use any other sources or utilities.

I carefully noted every patch I used to build packages for amd64.
To build the more than 11000 binary packages in my amd64 archive,
only 34 (!) of the corresponding Debian source packages had to be 
patched (temporary patches to circumvent circular build dependencies 
not counted).

Many of the necessary patches just add 'amd64' to 'debian/control' 
and sometimes also 'x86_64' somewhere else. Many build problems on amd64 
were already recorded in the BTS by Kurt Roeckx and others when I came 
across them. I learned a lot from the existing bug reports.

> 4. Work out any changes required to the build-essential list for your
>    new architecture and submit them to myself, I'm going to take a
>    random "finger in the air" guess and say you might need to use
>    libc6.1-dev instead of libc6-dev (like ia64).

The build-essential list does not have to be changed for amd64. For 
amd64 'libc6-dev' (not 'libc6.1-dev') should be used. 
> 5. Build sufficient amd64 binary packages to satisfy the requirements
>    outlined by the list file contained within the build-essential
>    package and upload them to the archive.

All build-essential packages (and almost all other packages) for amd64 
are ready to be uploaded immediately.

> Only then is amd64 ready to be added to the informational lists included
> with this package.

I used 'make-esslist.sh' on my own archive of amd64 packages. The 
resulting 'essential-packages-list-amd64' has the same package names 
as the current list for the i386 architecture (apart from 'initscripts' 
which is not 'Essential: yes' anymore since sysvinit_2.85-12 but 
which is still shown in the all essential-packages-list-xxx files in the 
current build-essential package). I do not think that anything 
in the essential-packages-list for amd64 will change when the amd64 port 
becomes official.

Having read the recent discussions on debian-devel I hope that an 
official Debian amd64 archive will be set up soon. 

Please tell me if/how I can help.

Andreas Jochens

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