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Re: Resignation

Quoting Chuan-kai Lin (cklin@debian.org):

> No, I am pretty sure Christian Perrier is not a supporter of Taiwan
> independence; otherwise he would not have filed the d-i ISO-3166

If indeed some cares about this, I have to mention that indeed I'm
neither a supporter nor an enemy of Taiwan indendance. I just think
that you people living in both countries are the ones who have the
power and the moral rights for deciding this.

I have mentioned that I currently see Taiwan as an independent
country, because it has its own government, its parliament, its laws
and so on. For the same reasons, before 1989, I considered Deutsche
Demokratische Republik to be an independent country while I'm
currently surely not a supporter of re-dividing the country named

As mentioned several times elsewhere, making comparisons is not easy
because contexts are always different. But the lowest rationale is
always the same : when it comes to the way people from taiwan and
Continental China consider their own future, *they* (you,
Herbert...all other Chinese people) are the ones who have the right to
decide their future.

About why I filed the mentioned bug :I did this because the package is
the package claims to be the iso lists package. Hence, he has to
incorporate the current list, not considering whether we like it or

This, fur sure, shows us the limits of the strict standards respect.

But, neither the bug filing action, nor my possible actions for
changing our way we use this list, are motivated by some political
opinion about the world situation. The one and only motivation is the
benefit of free software (no caps, this is not a Holy Thing) and
Debian users.

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