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Re: When will amd64 be allowed in sid?

Michael Neuffer <neuffer@neuffer.info> writes:

> Quoting Adam Majer (adamm@galacticasoftware.com):
> The thing is there is unfortunately a lot of legacy & commercial 
> software around that people want/have to use that are not available
> in source and thus can not be ported to a native AMD64 port.
> For the next couple of years (hopefully not more then 10) we will 
> definitely need the biarch AMD64 until all of the applications
> that people need will have migrated and the 32bit apps that people 
> use will wither.

I forgot. Multiarch support doesn't work for games. Anything needing
hardware stuff in X, like GL, doesn't seem to work in multiarch. That
cuts down the amount of software already.


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