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Locale problems (was Re: definition of COUNTRY)

>To come to the technical point, the locale system is buggy because zh_CN 
>reffers to "simplified Chinese" and zh_TW to "traditionnal Chinese", which
>reality have little to do with countries. It is an historical error in Unix.

>It would be nice if the installer could display "Traditionnal Chinese" and>

>"Simplified Chinese". I think that the RH installer does this (although I a>m

>not sure).
>Why not ask the Chinese their point of view.
>They should be able to decide whether they prefer a reference to 
>China/Hong-Kong/Taiwan or to their glyph system (Trad/Simpl).

The 'locale modifiers' exist for just such a situation; 

zh@traditional, zh@simplified
You can add a modifier to a locale name with '@modifier';
if there are multiple modifiers use commas.

For the "Brazilian guy in Portugal" case referred to before,
this is where LC_* come in; you would set
to get Brazilian dialect of Portuguese, and everything else


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